Professor Giorgio Floridia, Lawyer


Full Professor of Industrial Law at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano
Bar Admission:

Milan Bar Association
Supreme Court of Italy

Italian and English

Professor Giorgio Floridia, founded the self-named law firm in 1984 after leaving the Judiciary where he carried out the role of judge since 1965 in the 1st Chamber of the Court and the 1st Chamber of the Court of Appeals in Milan in matters regarding industrial property law. In 1979, he was appointed as President of the Ministerial Commission which implemented the reform in national legislation regarding inventions, overseeing the work for the drafting of Presidential Decree no. 338/79.

Subsequently, he has been an occasional member of Ministerial Commissions convened to carry out a reform of the law on trademarks in 1991, contributing to the drafting of Legislative Decree 4.12.1992, no. 480; for the implementation of the TRIPs agreement, contributing to Legislative Decree 19.3.1996, no. 198; for the adoption of the protocol for the Madrid agreement regarding the registering of international trademarks, contributing to the drafting of Legislative Decree 8.10.1999, no. 447; for the implementation of the directive on biotechnological inventions and the directive on the legal protection of designs and models, contributing to the drafting of Legislative Decree 2.2.2001 no. 95.

He was also invited to sit on the Ministerial Commission for the review of the legislation regarding industrial property and helped to draft the Industrial Property Code promulgated with Legislative Decree 10.2.2005, n. 30 and, with Ministerial Decree 26.7.2005, he was appointed as a Member of the Research Committe formed in the Ministry of Industry to arrange the measures containing the formal and substantial amendements to this Code.

Between 1978 and 2005, he was a member of the Giurì dell’Autodisciplina Pubblicitaria (Advertising Self-Regulation Authority) of which he was also Vice-President. Since 2007, he has held the position of President of the Istituto di Autodisciplina Pubblicitaria (IAP) (Advertising Self-Regulation Institute). Since 2002, he has also been on the Board of Appeal at the Ministry of Industry.

From 1994, he has been the Scientific Director of the journal “Il Diritto Industriale” (Industrial Property Law) published by IPSOA. He has written countless educational contributions and monographic essays, and has published over 100 articles in the leading Italian journals specialized in the sector.

Since 1970, he has been lecturing in industrial property law at the Faculty of Economics and Commerce at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan

He is unanimously acknowledged as being one of the leading Italian experts and scholars in the field of intellectual and industrial property, advertising, Internet, competition and antitrust

Professor Giorgio Floridia, Lawyer